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Miejscowość: CHINA
O sobie: Chain grate coal fired steam boiler
Brand:Shengli Boiler
Brief:Water-fire tube structure
Rated Capacity: 1 ton/hr-20 ton/hr 0.7MW-10.5MW
Rated working pressure:0.7/1.0/1.25/1.6/3.82Mpa 6bar ,8bar,10bar ,13bar,16bar101psi,145psi
Fuel :Coal,anthracite,bitumen,lignite,etc.
Application :Food processing ,textile and dyeing factory ,chemical plant,paper factory ,garment factory ,swimming pool ,hotel and others
Packaging:Packaged ,assembled ,semi-assembled

coal fired steam boiler can be used in industry ,such as chemical plant ,dyeing factory and others; hot water boiler can be used in swimming poll ,hotel and residential area .Our main coal fired boiler is water-fire tube and wet back boiler .Threaded smoke tube is arranged into the boiler drum to increase thermal efficiency .For coal boiler is equipped with automatic coal feeding and slag remover.Good quality chain grate can resist high temperature to 1100 ℃ and long working life.Coal fired boiler is designed to be light pipe water cooled wall on the left and right sides .So it is compact structure ,compared with the same type of boiler ,can save some infrastructure investment of boiler room.

Coal fired steam boiler advantages:
1.High thermal efficiency
2.Good thermal insulation ,use three-layer insulation technology ,the inner layer is refractory layer ,the middle layer is vermiculite,the outer layer is seal layer using the overall seamless seal ,consist of steel plate ,reduce the heat loss and air leakage;
3.Sufficient steam output
1)Boiler’s actual capacity is 10 to15% higher than name plate capacity
2)Big furnace ,make sure sufficient combustion
4.Environment- friendly
Boiler is equipped with muti-cyclone and Double tower desulfurization,meet the emission standard of country .Coal Fired Steam Boiler price